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Sensuali-Tea: The Five-Dimensional Tea Tasting

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Sunday, April 14 @ 1:00 pm (45-60 min.)

Step into an oasis of tranquility and refine your palate at our exclusive Five-Dimensional Tea Tasting Workshop, where the timeless tradition of tea sipping transcends into an immersive sensory journey. Engage sight with the dance of delicate leaves unfurling in hues of jade and amber, touch as you feel the warmth of a porcelain cup, and hear the soft whispers of steam rising in gentle plumes. Inhale deeply, letting the aromatic profiles of exquisite blends—floral, earthy, and smoky—paint a tapestry of flavor in your mind before they grace your tongue. Experience the art of enhancing your tea encounter with not just taste, but the melody of all senses harmonizing to awaken depths of appreciation you never knew existed.

Join me, and discover how every sip can tell a story, an embodiment of culture and craftsmanship distilled into a single, serene moment.

Please note that all workshop ticket purchases are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Speaker: Mike Cuevas

A graduate from the illustrious World Tea Academy, Mike has woven himself into the fabric of the tea industry, constantly seeking new ways to share the rich tapestry of tea's culture and community—or as he affectionately calls it, his "Communi-Tea." Now, he's transforming this virtual gathering into an immersive educational journey, inviting you to join from the comfort of your own home.

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