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The Science of Flavor Tea Extraction

  • $25.00

Sunday, April 14 @ 3:00 pm (45-60 min.)

Unlocking the secrets of tea’s essence is not just a ritual steeped in tradition—it's a fascinating exploration into the science of flavor extraction. Journey into the aromatic world of tea with us as we reveal how to master the art of tea extraction, going beyond the simple cup.

In our hands-on workshop, discover the intricacies of tea's delicate chemistry and learn how to harness its flavors using various mediums. Whether it's an acid-based concoction that teases out the sharpness, an alcohol-based infusion that captures the deeper notes, or a fat-based blend that envelopes the subtle nuances, each method offers a unique sensory experience.

But why stop there? Experience tea's versatility as a spice and watch it transform your everyday cooking, introducing layers of complexity and depth with every pinch. Join us and elevate your palate with the science and alchemy of tea!

Come partake in "Unlocking the Secrets of Tea's Essence," where each step is a revelation and each taste a revolution. Secure your spot today, and ready your senses for an uplifting escapade into the essence of tea.

Please note that all workshop ticket purchases are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Speaker: Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald is an entrepreneur whose passion for tea has brewed into something extraordinary. As the visionary behind TeaHaus, Lisa's journey began with a quest for the world's finest teas, leading her to become a certified tea sommelier and co-author of the enlightening book, Tea For Dummies.

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