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A Sensory Analysis of Honey

  • $25.00

Sunday, April 14 @ 11:30 am (45-60 min.)

Join us for a workshop where you can discover and appreciate a selection of honeys through engaging sensory activities, led by Frank Moriarty, owner of Honey with Style & Sweet Cyndees Bees.

Interactive Honey Tasting Workshop

Step into a world of sensory exploration with our captivating one-hour workshop on varietal honey. Experience the delight of sight, smell, taste, and touch as we delve into at least five distinctive honeys. Uncover and savor the intricate flavors and distinct qualities that make each one unique.

Here's what we will review and discuss:

  • A Honey Sensory Wheel and how that impacts fragrances within the honey
  • How to more finely tune our senses to appreciate our local varietals of honey.
  • How honeys acquire certain aromas that often differ from what we would expect.
  • Methods of tasting the full balance of flavors of these honeys.
  • Understand how to appreciate the different textures of honey and their impact on our taste buds.
  • A formal tasting of at least 5 varietal honeys following this Sensory Methodology
  • Each attendee will take away their own Honey Sensory Booklet for future tastings

Please note that all workshop ticket purchases are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Speaker: Frank Moriarty

Frank is a seasoned beekeeper, an expert in sensory analysis of honey, and a gifted public speaker. His wealth of knowledge, coupled with his passion for honey production and sustainability, makes him an engaging and informative speaker. Frank is an embodiment of excellence in his field, a true inspiration to aspiring beekeepers and honey enthusiasts.

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