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Support Chicago Tea Festival

  • $10.00

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As a non-profit organization based in Illinois State, our passionate team of volunteers aims to promote the love for tea and create a vibrant community of tea enthusiasts.

Join the Chicago Tea Festival and show your support for an unforgettable celebration of flavor, tradition, and community!

But we need your help to make it all happen. Your financial contribution will directly support the festival, covering legal fees, website setup, and administrative costs.

By donating today, you'll play a vital role in bringing the Chicago Tea Festival to life. Experience the magic of tea while supporting local businesses and artisans who showcase their unique products at the festival. Through educational workshops and live demonstrations, you'll connect with like-minded tea lovers and deepen your appreciation for tea culture, sustainability, and wellness.

Be part of this vibrant cultural experience and make a difference in the world of tea. Donate now to help us create an unforgettable event that brings joy to our community. Together, we can keep the love for tea brewing strong!