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Introduction to Tea Cocktails

  • $25.00

Sunday, April 14 @ 2:30 pm (45-60 min.)

Sip and savor as we guide you through a delightful evening of tea-infused libations. From mixing to tasting, you'll learn the art of blending tea and alcohol to create deliciously fun cocktails using your favorite teas. Discover new recipes and uncover the perfect tea and liquor pairings that will wow your guests at your next gathering. Don't miss out on this unique experience as Agnieszka shares her favorite boozy blends. Sign up now to join in the tasting and elevate your cocktail game!

Please note that all workshop ticket purchases are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Speaker: Agnieszka Rapacz

Agnieszka, Chicago Teahouse's esteemed owner and a revered Tea Sommelier. With a rich journey that took her across the tea terrains of the world, she is poised to share tales and tastes that only a genuine aficionado could offer. Delight with us as Agnieszka pours her passion and expert insights into the delicate art of tea for an event of immersive flavors.

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